Original hand crafted stationery designs by tribal African people.
       Beautiful watercolor art inspired by a foreign culture.
             Bushman expressions created by tribal artists in vivid watercolor.


For the herbalist and story teller who has everything, and wants to know MORE...


     *  Flowers of the Dark Continent have their own mystery, often with traditional uses such as medicines or various types of charms.  Revel in the beautiful and colorful images brought to life by our artists as they share some of Africa's plants and folklore with you.



For the anthropologist at heart, the hunter, sportsman, or explorer in the family...


Our team of artists and myself are happy you've chosen to take at least a peek at our products and hope you enjoy your visit. Be sure to note the FREE SHIPPING clauses on the order form, and we thank you for your patronage!

We have over 150 exquisite patterns of individually hand painted stationary, produced right here by the people of Botswana. Not photocopied, not printed or reproduced. Each sheet has been decorated by the artist with watercolors and a brush.

THE IDEAL GIFT - for the discerning letter writer, that hard to shop for individual, or maybe even for yourself ! This unique stationary will give an international flair to personal notes and letters, AND....
provide our artists with a direct income they can use to both feed their families and start pulling a few of their own dreams and goals into reality. Our artists earn enough from painting one set of stationary to buy 2 litres of milk, 2 litres of cooking oil, or 5 kg of mealie meal (corn meal); and the average artist will generate 20 to 30 sets of stationary every month.

     *  The Bushman style scenes resemble those found on rock walls of caves or shelters and depict both real and symbolic activities.  The artists have captured some of the basic expressions of Africa's indigenous people from ages past.  


ADDED BONUS - A story page is included with each set that allows the artist to tell you about themselves, and explain a little bit about the flower or scene he or she has painted for you.  The artist's picture is included on this page whenever possible, along with a pronunciation key, for a little more clarity and flavor.



    What You Get!
  • 8 exquisitely decorated pages - Stamp-sized image on each page (5 7/8" x 8 1/4")
  • 8 complimenting envelopes - Coordinating envelope has single image on the back flap
  • 8 plain pages

The hand painted images usually appear in of each paper, and are about the size of a large postage stamp. When wesay "hand painted" we mean just that... no prints or copies. Each sheet has been decorated by the artist with watercolors and a brush, and some variations will occur even from page to page. Completed sets are tied with beautiful satin ribbons

Price of $8.00 (US Dollars) per set - includes shipping !

LEGAL STUFF - There are of course the legal disclaimers that follow these listings and stories - the information that some of the plants have medicinal values is NOT necessarily accurate or scientific, and they're descriptions based on the artists experiences only. The patterns are intended to be pleasing to the eye, and not necessarily accurate botanically either (i.e. number of petals, seed pods, structure along stem or leaf arrangements, etc.) The bushman scenes are based on images seen or imagined by the individual, and not intended to be historically or politically correct in nature.

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